HIS Interview [10.02.2011 Japan] [English Translation]

Thanks to Tokio Hotel China! Original interview from here.

February 10, 2011 is a memorable day for the fans of TOKIO HOTEL. Yes, the long-awaited TOKIO HOTEL finally come to Japan. Thus, HIS has a special interview with the four guys from TOKIO HOTEL who as the Goodwill Ambassador for the 150th anniversary of Germany. Here are the answers we got from them about visiting Germany.

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HIS: Your four guys were born in Magdeburg, what do you think of there?
Of course, it’s a great city!! (laugh)
–laugh together–
Bill: In fact, there is nothing to visit .
Gustav: Yeah, it’s just a common village, nothing special.

HIS: Well, are there any places that you’d like to introduce?
Tom: Well…
Georg: There is a cathedral and some other historic churches, and we often went to the shopping mall.
Tom: And, yes, the Hundertwasser!
Together: Oh, yeah…the Hundertwasser!!!

HIS: What is that?
The agent:
It’s a building built by an Austrian architect, and this architect was a little bit like Gaudi. (A Spainish architect)
Gustav: Most of the buildings in Magdeburg have a colourful outside.
Bill: That’s all the stuffs that deserve to see.
Georg: And you can finish your trip in 30 minutes.

HIS: It seems that’s really a small city…(laugh). Then, what if a Japanese want to visit Germany, to the other cities like Munich or Berlin, Do you have anything to recommend?
Bill: Berlin and Hamburg are good choices if you want to visit Germany.
Gustav: Talking about Munich, there is a OctoberFest!
Tom: Yeah, the OctoberFest is awesome.
Georg: That’s a grand festival and was very alive.

HIS: Oh, I really want to be there for once. By the way, I heared that Georg was born in Halle but not in Magdeburg, is that true?
Georg: Yes, I was born in Halle, but I only lived there for 2 or 3 years.
Bill: And Halle is also a very small city. (laugh)
Georg: Yeah, even when comparing with Magdeburg, it’s nothing special to say. (laugh)
–laugh together–

HIS: Oh, I see. Then the next question, what’s your favourite city in Germany?
Bill: It’s definitely Hamburg. Why do I say that? It’s because I have lived there for a period of time. and I miss there. Moreover, there are great natural sceneries near the countrysides. Although, sometimes the weather is not that pleasure and it rains and blows a lot,but it’s still a very pretty city. In fact,it might also be the most beautiful city in Germany.

HIS: Then, as a tourist city, is Hamburg also worthy of a stroll?
Bill: Hum…yeah, I once lived there and I really like that place, but I was not going there for tourism. Whatever, I think that’s a good place.

HIS: Thank you so much, then Tom, what do you think of there?
Tom: In fact, I prefer Cologne. You can see people there are jolly and lively. Though I never lived in Cologne, hum, I guess I’ll live there some day. It’s a good place with so many bright and open-minded people and I love there. But it’s more of travelling than living. (laugh)

HIS: Oh, I see, thank you. Georg, how do you think?
Georg: I think Berlin is the best place for now. It’s an attractive and exciting city where contains varied cultures from all over the world. What’s more, there are many nightclubs. And you can devote youself into them for the whole night long.

HIS: Except the nightclubs, is there any other place to go?
Georg: Of course, indeed,there are so many sightseeings.
Bill: Yes, there are several tour routes in Berlin.
Georg: Both history and culture are the highlights and it’s a perfect tourist city.

HIS: Awesome, no wonder Berlin is the capital! then, Gustav , have you got a favourite spot?
Gustav: Honestly, I like Magdeburg.
Together (laugh): Really?
Gustav: Yeah, everything you guys mentioned just now can be found in Magdeburg. And of course, including the Octoberfest, it’s totally a city for travelling.
Bill: But if you go to there for sightseeing, it’s terrible without a bicyle… (laugh)
–laugh together–

HIS: Are there any vehicles in Magdeburg!?
Tom: No, there aren’t.
Gustav: Indeed, we have taxis and double-deck buses which is the same with London’s. But we have only one is use for going sightseeing. After that you have to take a boat, which is along the Elbe River but it’s absolutely comfortable and amazing!
Bill: Yeah, it’s said that the most interesting place in Magdeburg are Georg’s and Gustav’s houses.
–laugh together–

HIS: Okay, let’s put aside the idea of going whose home first, HIS is planing to make a tour route about TOKIO HOTEL.
Together: Really?
Tom: Is it a tour to Magdeburg?

HIS: It includes Magdeburg and other places you recommend or concern you, or some memorable places. And What other good places except Magdeburg are worth playing?
Everybody: It sounds good! Wow, marvelous! (Everyone looks excited)
Tom: And what about LA? (laugh)
Gustav: Hmmm…
Bill: Do not miss Gröninger Bad if you want to know the history of Tokio Hotel.

HIS: What’s that?
Bill: It’s the club we first met!

HIS: So the fans might visit there at least once!
Everybody: And something more, it must be fun to visit our old schools.

HIS: That’s cool! And do not forget telling us the names of the schools.

Each of them says the names of the schools.

For the best tour route

HIS: Thank you. The next question. Bill and Tom are living in LA now. Have you got the plan about giving concerts in LA?
Bill: No. We are focusing on Japan now, so we are not going to promote in other countries, and our new album has just released. Now we are recording songs and looking for new inspiration. So…hmmm, I don’t know when to give concerts. We all pool our ideas to compose new songs now.

HIS: So when will the next album to be completed and released?
Tom: It’s hard to say. Maybe half a year later, or maybe 5 years later.We can’t decide the specific date and now we are looking for inspiration. We are exercising so to speak.

HIS: We are expecting the next concert and CD! At last, for improving Germany’s tourism, can you say something to Japanese fans?
Bill: Sure. Hmm, Germany is a very good country, though the weather is not that good. Don’t forget your umbrella!
Tom: And the bars! Night bars and German beer are the best!
Georg: And also the Autobahn! It will be very interesting.
Gustav: There seems to be speed limit when driving in Japan, but there’s no limit in Germany so you can drive freely.
Bill: All we said are the most interesting things in Germany.

HIS: Thank you very much, Tokio Hotel!


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