Georg & Gustav at last!

Hallo Aliens!

Finally, new pictures of Georg and Gustav are being shared on the official Tokio Hotel facebook page! Let’s hope for continuous updates on our two G’s and also not long now until we get non-stop new pictures of the band together! What do you think of Georg, Bill & Tom’s new hair styles? We love them! Changes all around! Looking good, guys! Also, it’s Musical March Madness time once again! You know what to do, Aliens! VOTE over at

“Dang! It’s way to early, but Gustav is so relentless and wants me to rehearse with him… Should I give in ?!” Georg

“At the studio!”

And to add a cherry on top, a new picture of the guys together and one of Tom where you can see his new hair style, a more sleek look!

Together again!

At the 1st DSDS live show [Mar. 16, 2013]


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